Espi Marisa


About me

I'm a 21-year old software developer, tinkerer, and university student based in Birmingham, Alabama.

I primarily work with TypeScript and JavaScript, with a preference towards TypeScript. On the frontend side of things, I usually work with Svelte, and I prefer writing custom SCSS instead of using CSS frameworks.

Outside of software development, I enjoy getting my hands on fascinating hardware, usually from the 2000s. I collect and repair laptops, and I enjoy thrifting for niche and obscure electronics.

Personally speaking, I'm a nonbinary dork interested in anime, e-sports, furry art, local politics, manga, music, and video games. I also collect enamel pins/buttons to put on my iconic hat.


I don't make much nowadays, but here are some of my public projects:


A Discord bot jam-packed with useful utilities for everyone.

TypeScript, Svelte, Sveltekit, SCSS, Prisma, PostgreSQL

My personal website and project portfolio.

TypeScript, Astro, SCSS


A modern RethinkDB session store for Express.

TypeScript, RethinkDB

bulmaselect (contributor)

JavaScript library for creating accessible multiselect elements.

JavaScript, CSS


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