Espi Marisa


About me

I'm a 21-year old full-stack software engineer currently located in Huntsville, Alabama. I primarily work with TypeScript, Svelte, SvelteKit, Astro, and SCSS, but I also know a variety of other frameworks and libraries.

In my spare time I love to get my hands on the latest in enthusiast PC hardware and fine tuning or overclocking it. I enjoy getting my hands dirty with new bleeding-edge and innovative software as well.

Outside of tech, I enjoy hanging out with my friends (see below), getting to know new people, interacting with my local queer community, and being a positive influence to everyone in my presence. Feel free to reach out, I don't bite!



A Discord bot jam-packed with useful utilities for everyone.

Made with TypeScript, Svelte, Sveltekit, SCSS, Prisma, PostgreSQL

My personal website and project portfolio.

Made with TypeScript, Astro, SCSS


A RethinkDB express-session store.

Made with TypeScript, RethinkDB


JavaScript library for creating accessible multiselect elements.

Made with JavaScript, CSS


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