Espi Marisa (she/her)
Full-stack developer; computer witch.

I'm a 20-year-old full-stack developer and a "computer witch". I'm a visually impaired trans girl from Tennessee, and I make it my top priority to always be there for my friends and loved ones, and fight for what's right in life.

I build useful and accessible applications, websites, and utilities using TypeScript, Svelte, SASS, Liquid, Fastify, Eleventy, and more. I'm also a hobbyist systems administrator. I maintain and setup servers and Virtual Machines for my applications or other needs when they arise, or just to have fun and learn.

I like to build, repair, refurbish, and maintain personal computer systems from any era in history, and I take great pride in the work I do. I also work on older enterprise and business laptops and bring them back to life.

In my spare time, I love to play games, listen to music, and write about things I enjoy. Feel free to reach out to me!


I currently don't have a ton of projects of note to list here, but here's a few I have public: